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WIP Argan-Shea Butter-Infused Oil is a lightweight, multi-purpose hair serum that can do wonders for your hair. It helps you protect your hair from damage caused by chemicals and environmental reasons, such as sun damage. Additionally, it can restore the natural shine of your hair, eliminate frizz, and immediately nourish your hair without leaving any residue, thanks to the delightful blend of Argan oil and Shea Butter used in its formula.

Crown 11 can also be a “Sunscreen for the Soul” also, if you include it in your daily routine. While you use it, apply it with the intention of lighting your energies and repeat this affirmation mantra: “I am pure, beautiful, and radiant light.” You will connect with your inner light while feeding your inner self. This will expand all the self-love you deserve for your soul, and you will irradiate others in the way.

Inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto, this concept of whole-self-care is born from his experiment in which he exposed water to positive energies and intentions. After the water frost, crystals with asymmetrical patterns formed. As a result, this shows that daily positive affirmations can affect your hair and your soul, manifesting powerful creative energies inside of you.

How to use:

As a styling product: Apply 2-3 drops to damp or blown-dry hair.

As a singular treatment, massage 2-3 drops into your hair for 3-5 minutes, using your fingertips. Leave in overnight; there is no need to rinse.

We Are All Light

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