Discover the transformative journey to radiant hair and inner awakening with our hair serum.

Crown 11

Lightweight, multipurpose hair serum infused with a rich blend of Argan oil and Shea butter extracts that instantly nourishes hair while enhancing shine and smoothing away frizz.

Restores hair from both chemical and environmental damage.

For all hair types

crown 11 argan shea butter oil for hair

Shine Inside and Out

Crown 11

WIP Argan-infused oil and shea butter is a wonderful and lightweight multi-purpose hair serum that helps protect your hair from damage caused by chemicals and the environment. Made from a delightful blend of argan oil and shea butter extracts, it restores shine, eliminates frizz, and immediately nourishes, without leaving any residue!

“Crown 11” is also “Sunscreen for the Soul.” As part of your daily routine, apply it with intention, and repeat this affirmation as you apply it: “I am pure, beautiful and radiant light.” You will connect with your inner light, feed and expand self-love to your soul, and radiate it to others!


Embrace your inner and outer glow

The concept was inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment, in which water was exposed to positive intentions. After it had frozen, crystals with asymmetrical patterns formed, showing that as you speak positive affirmations to your hair and your soul daily, you will manifest powerful creative energy in your being!

We Are All Light

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